A social media campaign to celebrate Billie Eilish

student project,
briefed by Created Academy

Creative direction
Art direction
Graphic design
Motion design
Social media

Creative challenge

Generate, art direct and launch a 10 day artistic branding campaign on Instagram to celebrate Billie Eilish. Inspire and communicate to the audience that the artist is desirable through interesting and creative posts. Drive engagement by fully utilising the features of the platform.

The Artist

The 17 years old gen-z viral indie prodigy Billie Eilish paved the way for a revolutionary form of teen aesthetic reflecting love, rebellion and fame in a ‘tempoed’ melancholy state of sound.
Her creative direction and influence is driven by alternative bold block colour schemes and rebellious pop culture.

Art direction

With a strong engagement with the existing logo, the direction is to enact creative elements that resemble ‘Eilish’s style’ through kinetic type, morphing elements, key props from her music videos and the memorable lime green color. The attitude is bold, transformative and edgy.

The Crown

To celebrate the success of the single "You Should See Mee In A Crown" I generated an Instagram effect to inspire the fans to be part of the campaign in an interactive and immersive way.  
As of now, the effect insights count 666 captures (creepy, I know) and 9,339 impressions.

The sketches

One of the darkest climax on Billie's music videos is in "Bury a Friend", in which she’s injected with several needles. For the "Bury a Friend" post I experimented hand-drawn animation to resemble the illustrative and sketchy style of the album's cover.


The single "Xanny" aim to express how does it feel to be in second hand smoke. The visuals are inspired by Billie's explanation on how the verses of the song are similar to a huge white silk curtain, which represent the smoke in the lungs. The song It’s a plea that comes from Billie's personal experiences with loss. “I don’t want my friends to die any more”.

Art direction deck
10 Instagram posts
3 Giphy stickers
1 Instagram effect

1 Instagram TV post
30 Instagram stories

The content in this project is part of
a wider group project, made with partners in crime Andrius Vizbaras and Alex Evans (aka Flower Up)

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