Puma Cali Sport

Shifting the Cali narrative

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Motion design
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puma cali style design WIP

Creative Challenge

Develop a 10-20 second piece of motion content for use on Instagram. This piece of content will be part of a wider social content package used to drive awareness of the new PUMA Cali silhouette and drive purchase consideration. Bring to life the PUMA Cali world and lifestyle element. Cali Sport will live seamlessly within the Cali world already established. Include the photographic assets provided by PUMA.

Overall direction

The original PUMA California rose to fame on the courts, but soon crossed-over cultures and quickly became a street-style staple. Cali Sport will push posing, styling, color, and image treatment to create an atmospheric, nighttime world. The setting could be on location at night, or with moody lighting in studio. Pops of neon, iridescence, or super-saturated colors will give imagery a harder edge.

puma cali moodboard
puma cali style frame WIP
PUMA CALI style frame WIP

The set design

From day to night, from exotic to urban. To evolve the visual narrative and adapt it to the UK scene, I developed a set in which neon lights and punchy colors immerse the viewer in an atmospheric world.
To keep the 80s vibe -a recurrent element of the Cali collection- and create a bridge between past and future I choosed to bring an arcade on the scene. This prop also aim to evoke the idea of joy of competition and play, which are part of PUMA's brand mission.

The post

The motion piece it's built in a way that each scene can potentially "live" on his own: the room, the street, the brick wall poster. These different scenes also aim to fit within the diverse channels of PUMA and key retailers, based on their content mix strategies and guidelines.


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