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So Shady x Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge -
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Art direction
Visual Merchandising
3D design

The Brief

Design a So Shady sunglasses pop-up display to be placed in Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge' ground floor. The total area to cover is 110cms with height not to exceed 130cms. The design and materials have to meet luxury quality standards. The pop-up needs to display the whole So Shady collection (16 sunglasses and 4 sunglass chains).

The design

The So Shady sunglasses design are inspired by sharp architectural lines and fashion month street styles. The creative approach for the pop-up display had to reinforce that concept of dynamism, elegance and self empowerment. The concept was to have a deconstructed block with different "layers" to emphasize the idea of free form, self expression and alter egos. The combination of the bronze and concrete finish convey a sense of elegance keeping the connection with the architectural aspect.

To ensure that the pop-up display could have been used also for future events and smaller areas, we created a two units set, meaning that each plinth can also work as single piece. Each unit has is own chain support, mirror plate, sunglasses plates and top block to display a selected hero piece.

For the So Shady launch we designed a video loop to be featured in the screens of the Harvey Nichols store and attract customers to the pop-up display. The logos of the plinths were facing the two main entrances of the Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge store, to make the display easy to find and locate from different direction.

Powered by Our Social Collective.
Together with Creative Director Valerie Bungener Relmy I took part on each step of the project, from research to the in-store installation and staff training.

Pop-up display production:
Blacks Visuals

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